Staging Tips for a Summer Home Sale

Make your home an inviting space for potential buyers this summer.

By: Ron Tomblin | June 16th 2017

Ron Tomblin is a Hamilton, Ontario ReMax Escarpment Brokerage professional. He aims to provide tips to house hunters, investors, and Hamilton residents in his blog.

Selling your home over the summer can seem like tedious work - when all you want to do is spend your free hours enjoying the sunshine, you instead are busy landscaping, cleaning up after your kids, and making sure everything is in its place. Nobody likes living in a museum, and when summer means dirt tracked through the house, wet bathing suits lying around, and ignored chores, the last thing you want to do is stay inside sorting it all out. Get your home sold with these 4 summer staging tips so that you can kick back and enjoy your summer and attract those potential buyers.

Bright Colours
Summer calls for bright splashes of colour - make easy changes by swapping out your neutral pillows for ones with a punch of colour. Brighten up your kitchen with some new chair covers or a colourful tea kettle display. Purchase items you are happy to continue using in the future, but also attract a buyer. Items such as colourful place mats beneath a set table, pillow and chair covers to fill the living room, and throws can be purchased for fairly inexpensive and add a bit of bright zest to make your home feel warm yet stand out.

Stop and Smell the Roses
A few fresh flowers can go a long way. Pick up a couple of inexpensive vases and some plant food to ensure your flowers are healthy for as long as possible. Bonus points if you can grab some from your own garden to put on display. Attract buyers by setting a vase atop your dining table, disguise an unused corner in the bedroom with a large display, or cover your patio space in fresh flowers. Adding natural elements throughout your home makes it feel like summer all year round.

Outdoor Entertaining
Speaking of patio space, why not decorate your outdoor area? Whether a small balcony or a large patio space, you also want to enjoy it over the summer and make the most of the heat and sunshine. Having an outdoor entertainment space will appeal to buyers, as well. Many people think to decorate their interior to show its entertainment value, but the outdoor space has that same appeal in the summer, too. Showcase what an awesome entertainment space you have outdoors - don string lights, colourful place settings, fresh flowers, and cushioney chairs. If you enjoy entertaining out there, potential buyers will see it, and see themselves in it.

Treat those Windows
Ditch the heavy set, black-out curtains for some lighter styles instead this summer. Let the light in so that your buyers can see the home as open and lit as possible. To keep it neutral, choose sheer white drapes and remember to tie them back during a showing. If you have a neutral room overall, don't be afraid to add a pop of colour on the window treatments.